Nanna practicing her Beyoncé skills!



Thank you for your wonderful feedback on the lyric videos we did in collaboration with WeWereMonkeys! You can always find them on our Youtube channel here.

The last lyric video! This is Sinking Man. It was a hidden track on the Icelandic release of My Head Is An Animal and was also featured on The Walking Dead soundtrack. 


And just when you thought we were finished with the lyric videos, we have two more! Today’s is Numb Bears which was a bonus track on the US iTunes release of My Head Is An Animal. Stay tuned for the next and last one tomorrow!

Copy: Lyric video #12, Yellow Light!

Lyric video #11, Lakehouse!

Lyric video #10, Sloom!

Lyric video #9, Your Bones!

Lyric video #8, Love Love Love!